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"We take pride in achieving our results.
Our results mean your increased
efficiency and reduced costs."
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Creating Results

WHITEPebble creates services and project plans to suit your needs. Everyone is different; all industries and companies have different requirements at different times.
We stay with you for project or tender execution and implementation making sure that the required results are achieved. Its our responsibility to make your project succeed. Fleet operations are complex and complicated, our results always exceed expectations.

Diverse industry solutions - proven ability no matter what sector

Procurement pricing typically reduced by 10% - 30%
Equipment contracting designed to suit usage:

•Long term lease/rent
•By calendar month
•By hour
•Short-term rent
•Pay by the hour
•Pay by use
Number of contracting parties reduced to the minimum
Operation and end-user centric SLA and KPIs
Full life cycle management
Continued fleet management and cost optimisation before, during and after the procurement cycle
Overall cost reduction typically targets 15% - 40%

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