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Site/s audit

• Utilisation and productivity
• Health and safety
• Fleet health and age
• Equipment usage
• Operational review
• Check specsification and quantity

Activation of new fleet

• Telemetry dashboards
• Fleet integration
• Process integration: billing, escalation and    performance review

Go to market

• Locally – to further optimise pricing and    services   from a wider EMEA tender
• RFI OEM (if required) and local dealer  (required)
• RFQ (local) to capture bespoke local  requirements


Our procurement model is based on a detailed negotiation between end-
user requirement and OEM. Unique components of the final price are attacked and driven downward.

Our objective is to achieve a lower cost of ownership, more control over the supplier, greater service provision, fleet flexibility and a reducing cost base.
Our model is designed to give the supplier no place to hide, whilst providing customer sites with dynamic choice.

WHITEPebble reduces your costs, business risk and returns stable and positive results.

Procurement Process

Preferred Supplier

Preferred suppliers global selection local by site, they are placed into a competitive environment to quote for an actual requirement at site level.  

The supplier of best fit will always be chosen for the site or the application.

• Co-ordinate all component parts and consumables pricing (batteries/fuel, tyres, forks, parts, acquisition method, telemetry, billing/usage, insurance etc)

• Ratify offers, dealer surveys and place order

• Delivery and local sign-off

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