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Continuous Improvement

This is a fundamental process within fleet management, and will achieve significant cost savings, working practice and culture change.  The projects are designed to keep the suppliers in check, the local operations fit, and monitor operator and equipment performance.

Site audits

• Benchmarking
  • Per process type
  • Per country/BU
  • Per site
  • Per machine type


• Productivity
• Damages/accidents
• Utilisation


• House-keeping
• Behavioural
• Parts consumption (in warranty and out of warranty)

A utilisation study which was used to establish the number of trucks required over a 1-year period.  Analysis was made on the shift patterns, goods-in/out schedules, and product volumes and then combined with daily hours worked by the equipment. This was done to show monthly, weekly and daily data and efficiency recommendations were made – The results were significant and the cost savings very large.

This project was followed by a productivity analysis, which further reduced the required fleet size and again the savings were very large.

Further to the productivity analysis, the operators and shift managers motivation/satisfaction was assessed.   They were then tasked to be results driven and to bring further process enhancement which drove higher productivity and a further reduction in costs.

The conclusion drawn from the study opposite?
• Reduce the fleet from 10 to 6
• Short term hire 1 unit October - March
• Short term hire 1 unit in December

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