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Data Analytics

Analytics allow management of the fleet, its performance, cost and health. Analytics provide for the identification of red flags and areas for improvement. Data summaries then lead to further investigation which is integral in the formation of Continuous Improvement projects.

• Dashboard reporting
• Site benchmarking
• Utilisation
• Productivity
• Operator behaviour
• Downtime
• Fleet aging
• Impacts and equipment abuse

WHITEPebble can benchmark site against site, machine against machine, brand against brand interms of cost, productivity, health & safety and utilisation.

Data Management

Data management
• Lift/load sensing
• Impact monitoring
• Speed and braking
• Access control
• Cost centre charging for equipment use
• Productivity
• Utilisation
• Log-in checks
• Fuel and fuel usage
• RFID – geo fencing

Telemetry systems can be installed through the organisation, either via replacement or renewal of existing equipment with new machines or as a retro fitting to older or mid-term machines. Data collation is vital; technology exists to capture the data so that it is not a laborious manual task.

Manual data collation has its place, but it is time consuming, error ridden and provides a snapshot only; electronically retrieved data is wholly more reliable and in-depth providing a live and constantly changing picture of the operation, productivity, utilisation and efficiency.

WHITEPebble works with technology and manual gathered data.WHITEPebble can become the data hub for a mixture of manual and electronic data sources for example if your organisation has a mixture of forklift brands fitted with their own proprietary telemetry systems WHITEPebble gather and analyse all the data with consistent reportingacoss the board.

• No need for warehouse manager to be analyst
• No need to worry about multiple telemetry system and user operation
• No need to worry about consistency of reporting

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